Livonia Q1 Highlights

Our goal at Vote.Run.Serve – Livonia is to not only share information as it happens but to keep the conversation going. We know everyone is busy so we hope that our recaps help residents feel connected to Livonia and our local government.

We shared our first quarterly report last year with the intention of following the government calendar that begins on Oct. 1st. While putting this together we realized we’re a bit off track but will right the ship for Q2 – in the meantime here are some of the highlights from the last few months.

Q4-2022 Highlight –…/livonia-q4-highlights/

  • Election Day – 53,227 Livonians voted in the November 2023 election (53% voted by absentee ballot). Livonia’s legislative representatives are now Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-12), State Senators Danya Polehanki (D-5) + Mary Cavanaugh (D-6), State Representatives Stephanie Young (D-16), Laurie Pohutsky (D-17) + Matt Koleszar (D-22), and Wayne County Commissioners Terry Marecki (D-9) + Glenn Anderson (D-12). *D stands for district not partisan affiliation (11/8).
  • City Updates: Up to $696,000 was approved to be spent on an architectural design for the new Senior Center (11/14), Greenmead HIstorical Park Master Plan was approved (1/18), Room rental price increase for the library was approved (1/30), Housing Commission will use $300k in CARES funding for small business support (1/30), Forestry Department will use $169k of $500k earmarked funds for an updated tree audit (1/30).
  • The Non-Discrimination Ordinance was voted on by City Council and did not pass following a 2-5 vote (12/5)
  • Referred To Committee – Topic of moving local elections to fall on mid/general election years to Committee of the Whole (12/5), the topic of salary adjustments for Department Heads was sent to Committee of the Whole (12/14), reffered to Committee of the Whole for a closed meeting – Frederick R. Wheeler and Marilyn Wheeler, et. al. v City of Livonia, Wayne County Circuit Court Case No. 15-009025-NZ – this settlement was later approved unanimously (12/14 + 1/18), proposal to defund the Director of Governmental Affairs position was refereed to Finance Committee (1/18)
  • Michigan Public Service Commission rejected DTE’s proposed residential rate increase of 9% and the changes to residential solar customers (11/19).
  • Citizen Interest: The proposed demolition of Alfred Noble Library and proposed development on current greenspace by Basilica of St. Mary have sparked public interest and activism.

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