Livonia Q4 highlights

Our goal at Vote.Run.Serve – Livonia is to not only share information as it happens but to keep the conversation going. We know everyone is busy so we hope that our recaps help residents feel connected to Livonia and our local government.

Moving forward, we will share a brief quarterly review of what happened in Livonia and with VRS.

1. Flag Ordinance – a new flag ordinance (passed unanimously), limits flags flown on public buildings owned by the City of Livonia to the State of Michigan, County of Wayne, City of Livonia, United States military flags, Public Safety flags and P.O.W/M.I.A flags (8/22).

2. Primary Election – Wayne County Jail and Livonia Roads millages passed (8/02)

3. Residential Development News – a 24 unit apartment complex at Middlebelt between W.Chicago and Joy Rd approved (8/22), apartment complex on Plymouth Rd and Middlebelt denied (9/26).

4. Referred To Committee – Topic of residential insecticide usage (mosquito spray) and its impact on pollinator health referred to Senior Citizens, Families and Environment Committee (9/9). The topic of the replacement of Sandburg Library’s roof referred to the Capital Outlay and Infrastructure Committee (meeting scheduled for 10/10). The proposed Non-Discrimination Ordinance referred to Committee of the Whole (meeting expected to take place in October).

5. Budget – The City Council began planning the annual city budget, which it expects to be approved by the end of November.

6. Inaugural Tour de Livonia – 500 bikers joined Livonia’s newest annual tradition.


Vote.Run.Serve launched a website, published a Livonia Non-Profit Guide and 2022 Voters Guide, and organized a bi-partisan, family-friendly Candidate Meet and Greet event.

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