Roads Update

Wayne County recently revealed their 2023 county road program. Portions of Livonia’s Wayne and Inkster roads will be repaved as part of the roads program. Livonians commuting to Detroit Metro Airport this summer will have to continue use alternative routes, as the Merriman Road bridge will continue to be under construction until October.

Full details can be found here:…/road-construction-updates…

County road issues can be reported to 1-888-roadcrew (76232739). All phone calls answered by a county employee. Please note the provided SR (service) number and provide that number to your Wayne County Commissioner to allow the road fix to be prioritized.

Livonia has begun planning their 2023 roads program, funded by the roads mileage overwhelmingly renewed by Livonia voters last August. The city has detailed some of their projects including West Chicago between Farmington and Hubbard. A list can be found here:…/e72eb0a3…

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