April 10, 2023 – City Council Meeting

General Meeting:


Several items of discussion were referred to committee:

  • Councilman Donovic motioned for the matter of an anti-commercial blight ordinance be reviewed by the Law and Education Committee
  • Councilman Bahr motioned for the matter of adding sidewalk to Newburgh between 7 Mile and 8 Mile be reviewed by the Committee of the Whole
  • Councilman Bahr motioned for the matter of the residential signage ordinance be reviewed by the Committee of the Whole
  • Councilwoman McIntyre provided an update on the committee hearing to look at the city’s deer population. A meeting is being scheduled and will include multiple stakeholders and organizations.
  • Councilwoman McIntyre asked for the current status of city bus transportation be reviewed because residents are informing council that seniors are being limited to one ride per week.
  • Councilwoman McIntyre requested the Mayor’s administration present an update on the plans for Noble Library.

The consent agenda was approved.

A second reading was given for the proposed amendment to the city’s towing and impound fees.

A vote was taken to change the official name of the Livonia Vision 21 Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map to the Livonia Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map. The final vote was a 3 – 3 tie:

✅ Aye: Bahr, Donovic and McIntyre

❎ Nay: Jolly, McCullough, and Toy

Two readings were given for the proposed amendment to current zoning ordinance under each name voted on in the previous motion. At the next meeting one of the two will move forward.

At the February 13th City Council Meeting, a proposal was presented to council to increase the pay of reserve police officers from $12.50 per hour to $15 per hour. Council rejected this proposal and voted 5 to 2 to increase the pay to $18 per hour. This decision required approval by the Civil Service Commission. The Civil Service Commission approved an increase to $16 per hour and an annual increase that mirrors the negotiated police association agreement (this new package will be approved by November 30th). Council unanimously approved this proposal.

Council unanimously approved the use of funds from a Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) grant to begin construction on a detention pond at Whispering Willows Golf Course. Expected to be completed by June 3rd.

Study Meeting Agenda: There was no Study Meeting

As always, the meeting agendas can be viewed on the city website here: https://livonia.gov/129/Agendas-Minutes.

The meetings can be watched unedited on the city’s Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@LivoniaTV

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