Livonia Q2 2023 Highlights

Our goal at Vote.Run.Serve – Livonia is to not only share information as it happens but to keep the conversation going. We know everyone is busy so we hope that our recaps help residents feel connected to Livonia and our local government.

Here’s are some things to remember from the second quarter.

Small Business and Workforce Development – City Council approved a request by the Housing Commission to use $300k in CARES Act funding for small business support grants (1/31). Livonia’s Planning and Economic Development launched a new program called Pure Potential. Among other goals, the program seeks to develop Livonia’s workforce by offering grants to small businesses by establishing apprenticeships. An experiential workforce development event, planned in conjunction with Livonia Kiwanis and the Livonia Chamber of Commerce, is being planned for later this year. (2/20)

Plante Moran CRESA Space Needs Assessment The City of Livonia reviewed a commissioned space needs assessment. The audit reviewed nine of the city’s buildings on their maintenance needs and utilization. In total, Plante Moran CRESA’s audit identified $41 million in immediate updates needed at each building. (3/1)

Greenmead Master Plan – City Council unanimously approved a non-binding master plan of Greenmead Historical Park. The plan outlines a 10-year four phase project to enhance the site’s current offerings, as well as add not yet included features requested by the public. (1/21)

Livonia Senior Center – Mayor Brosnan announced the city is projected to receive $4 million from the State of Michigan for a new Senior Center. The administration is seeking the remaining $10 million from Wayne County. (3/23)

Trees – Livonia’s Forestry Department requested to use $169k of $500k earmarked state funds for an updated tree audit. (1/31) City Council approved a request to declare April 28, 2023, Arbor Day in Livonia. It will be celebrated at Cleveland Elementary School at 2:30pm. (2/28)

Referred to Committee – The proposal to pilot a free teen membership to the Kirksey Recreation Center during the summer was referred to the Seniors, Families and Environment committee. (3/14)

Citizen Interest – Mayor Brosnan announced at the State of the City that the proposed demolition of Alfred Noble Library will be tabled. (3/23)

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