March 13, 2023 – City Council Meeting

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General Meeting:…

The following was passed unanimously:

  • The consent agenda
  • A settlement in the case Andrew Matthews vs Livonia Police Officer Tamer
  • A motion made by McCullough to put the topic of power outages in Livonia to Committee of the Whole, date to be scheduled.

The following was passed with a majority vote

The waver petition approving the demolition of Archie’s Restaurant and construction of a new automated car wash facility at 30471 Plymouth Road was passed.

  • Ayes: McIntyre, Bahr, Morgan, Donovic, McCullough, Jolly
  • Nay: Toy

A motion made by McIntyre putting the topic of a free teen membership pilot program at the Jack Kirksey Livonia Recreation Center in the Seniors, Families and Environment committee was approved.

  • Ayes: McIntyre, Toy, Morgan, Donovic, McCullough
  • Nay: Bahr, Jolly

Study meeting


The following items were put on the next consent agenda of the next Regular Meeting, scheduled for March 22:

  • 1 year extensions for waiver use petitions issued to Portillo’s.
  • A purchase request for new computers for Livonia Police and Fire.
  • Award of contract for water mains.

The following was given first reading: Proposed amendment to Livonia Code of Ordinances to reflect the requested changes to the vehicle redemption conditions and costs and fees.

As always, the meeting agendas can be viewed on the city website here:

The meetings can be watched unedited on the city’s Youtube channel here:

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