3/6/23 LPS Board of Education Meeting

Special Meeting:

Video – https://www.youtube.com/live/zTxQcdJzcDQ?feature=share&t=840

Appointment of Board Member:

The Board voted to approve the appointment of Crystal Frank as Board trustee, to fill the vacancy following the March 5 resignation of Dan Centers. Before the vote, several Board Member expressed their reasons for selecting Crystal.

Study Session (held prior to the Special Meeting):

Audience Communications:

Several community members addressed the Board regarding their thoughts on the vacancy caused by Trustee Centers resigned.

Bid Results for 2023 Boiler Projects (2021 Bond):

Reviewed the status and plan of Boiler replacements across the district (started in 2016). All schools except Cass and Niji-Iro will have new boilers by year end. The new boilers have a smaller footprint (freeing up significant space) and are more energy efficient (reducing each school’s electricity and natural gas costs significantly).

Purchase of Storage Sheds and Administrator Furniture (2021 Bond):

Reviewed the proposed plan to purchase Storage Sheds and Furniture for Administrators. School kitchens need additional storage. Furniture for administrators is the last round of the plan as earlier phases addressed the needs of students, teachers, and support staff.

Financial Update:

Reviewed budget assumptions for the 2023-24 School Year (by law school districts must have budgets approved by the end of June). The current working assumption are using an increase of $450 per pupil for the state foundation allowance and a projected decline of 125 students (mainly based on graduating Seniors vs. incoming Kindergarteners. It was noted that they are projecting to earn roughly half a million in interest revenue (this is up from prior years, in which the interest yield only covered bank fees). LPS was awarded one grant for mental health expenses and hope to be awarded a grant for learning loss. This frees up general fund dollars and has enabled the administration to meet with school athletic directors to consider addressing other needs. Paraprofessional health insurance was discussed – at the start of the year, LPS amended the health insurance eligibility policy to begin to offer health insurance to paraprofessionals and their families based on hours worked. The policy has helped recruit and retain paraprofessionals in the district, an occupation that the district has struggled with staffing in years prior.

French Associates’ Amendment:

Reviewed the proposed Amendment to the contact with French Associates to address the expanded scope of work on the Bond Projects.

Cooperative Agreements for LCTC & LTP:

Reviewed the proposal to continue to enter into Cooperative Agreements for Livonia Career Technical Center and Livonia Transition Program for the 2023-24 school year.

Digital Libraries:

Reviewed the available control features – parents will be able to access digital libraries and assigned reading using their student emails. Communication to every parent will go out Friday. The tool is district wide and applicable to all grade levels.

Board Policy Updates:

Reviewed the background and directional proposed changes to the bid process.

Code of Ethics:

Reviewed proposed updates to the code of ethics.

Most of the above items will be discussed in more detail at a future Committee of a Whole Meeting prior to going to a Regular Meeting for approval.

Board Vacancy:

Discussed the applications from five candidates – Crystal Frank, Tamara Oliverio, Emily Keith, Pam Morgan, and Yolanda Brown-Spidell. The board unanimously voiced support for appointing Crystal Frank at the Special Meeting following this Study Session. They are required to fill the vacancy for remainder of Dan Centers term (thru Dec of 2024) within 30 days.

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