Wayne County Funding Update 2023

Wayne County Update: The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021 provided states with hundreds of millions of dollars to allocate to local projects. Wayne County, Michigan is charged with distributing funds across its 43 communities to projects that will benefit the region and all its residents.

The following Wayne County projects were funded as part of this batch. Livonia applied to receive approximately 10 million in funding from the County to finance the proposed new Senior Center.

The following projects were allocated funding from the county:

  • Southgate Tower Project and Pedestrian Bridge – 5 Million
  • Wyandotte Capital Improvement – 3.950 Million
  • Centennial Community Plaza (River Rouge) – 275 Thousand
  • Melvindale Kessy Fieldhouse Capital Improvements – 2 Million
  • Huron Charter Township Downtown Development 275 Thousand
  • Redford Recreation and Wellness Center – 6.5 million
  • Cherry Hill Village Development (Canton Township) – 4.75 million
  • North Branch Ecorse Drain maintenance – 10 Million
  • Wayne County Blight Demolition – 7.5 Million
  • Redevelopment of Wayne County Parks– 10 Million. This includes the funding of Nakin Mills Park Campus Master Plan
  • Freedom Village – Inkster – 3 Million
  • Small Business Technical Assistance fund- 20 Million
  • Health Development Special Programs Team – 1.3 Million

The county has not disclosed when it’s remaining 166 million in ARPA funding will be spent. All funds distributed as part of ARPA must be spent in full by 2026.

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