Continuing Coverage: DTE Rate Increase Propsoal

Rate Increase Alert.

DTE, Livonia’s energy provider has requested to increase rates. The rate increase is expected to increase the typical residential bill by 13%, or a cost of 12 dollars to the typical Michigan family. The rate increase comes 3 months after the Michigan Public Service Commission approved a rate increase request, though that rate increase was a much more modest 1% compared to the 9% requested.

DTE is requesting the rates be approved by years end, allowing the rate to become effective by December 10 of this year.

Consumers can learn more about the rate case process by looking at the Michigan Public Service Commission rate case here:

Following last week’s ice storm many Livonia neighborhoods were left without power. For years, Livonia has had issues with service from DTE and if you have experienced problems, here are some things to know:

📞 Contact your representatives in Lansing. Public utilities are handled by the state. Find contact information for your rep by checking Vote.Run.Serve’s digital, interact and free directory.

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