February 13, 2023 – City Council Meeting

Transparency, accountability and community engagement are essential in a democracy. Local government is important and City Council meetings provide insight into what’s happening in your community. Here is a summary of the February 13th Regular and Study Meetings of Livonia City Council.

***During yesterday’s meeting, an active shooter was reported on the Michigan State University campus. This was mentioned at the end of the Study session. Clerk Nash and Councilwoman McIntyre both have children at the school and shared that they are safe. We know many familes in Livonia have kids, friends, former students and family in East Lansing, we hope that they are and remain safe. Our hearts go out to everyone who feels the impact of last night’s events. 💚🤍

General Meeting: https://livonia.gov/Calendar.aspx?EID=2296&month=2…

The consent agenda was approved with the exception of item 6.

Item 6 was a $15 pay increase for reserve police officers. There was much debate about this issue and two related votes:

Motion to put the subject in committee to discuss and determine the cost and most appropriate wage for reserve officers – FAILED

  • Bahr, Jolly and McIntyre – yea
  • Donovic, McCullough, Morgan, Toy – no

Motion to increase reserve office hourly wage to $18 – PASSED

  • Donovic, Jolly, McCullough, Morgan, Toy – yea
  • Bahr and McIntyre – no

On February 6th the Finance and Budget Committee Meeting met to discuss the now vacant Director of Government Affairs positions. After much debate there was a motion to move the remaining $133,000 designated for this position (for fiscal year 22/23) to the Building Improvement Fund. – PASSED

  • Bahr, Donovic, McIntyre, Morgan – yea
  • Jolly, McCullough, Toy – no

The subject matter of City of Livonia employee health care was approved for the Committee of the Whole. Council moved this matter forward in an effort to monitor and, if necessary, take further action on employee benefits following an unexpected sizable premium rate hike. The matter of an 80/20 Hard Cap override (listed in the agenda) is not being discussed at this time because the Mayor’s office was able to address the most pressing concerns.

Public Works funding/project requests were approved.

A closed Committee of the Whole meeting will be scheduled to discuss the pending case Andrew Mathews v P.O. Tamer; U.S. District Court Case No. 2:21-cv-10361

Study meetingAgenda: https://livonia.gov/Calendar.aspx?EID=2297&month=2…

The following items were put on the consent agenda:

  • Reappointment of Lora Weingarden to the Board of Ethics
  • Approval for Uptown Cheapskate (resale shop) to open at 29508 Seven Mile Road
  • Approval for new microbrewery 1 For All Brewery to operate at 38083 Ann Arbor Road
  • Vehicle purchase requests for Livonia Fire and Rescue
  • Warranty renewal for Dominion Voting Systems
  • Pay adjustments for Deputy Treasurer and Deputy Clerk
  • Purchase request by Livonia Housing Commission for Livonia Community transit
  • Purchase requests by Department of Public Works
  • Approval of required matching funds for road repair work led by Wayne County
  • Contract approvals requested by Engineering Department

As always, the meeting agendas can be viewed on the city website here: https://livonia.gov/129/Agendas-Minutes.

The meetings can be watched unedited on the city’s Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@LivoniaTV

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