Update: Wonderland Flats

The lawsuit between the City of Livonia & Schostak Brothers (doing business as Middlebelt Plymouth Ventures LLC) over the denied Wonderland Flats apartment complex advanced.

In a filed response to the lawsuit, the city denies all claims presented by Schostak, including that the parcel was ‘codified as a special area for mixed use development’. The next hearing is Feb 17.” There might be some details disclosed, such as the volume of discovery they expect to have or any new information that might require an amended complaint be filed.

Schostak is seeking for the court to immediately allow the construction of Wonderland Flats In addition to monetary compensation for reduced property value.

One response to “Update: Wonderland Flats”

  1. David A McKernan Avatar
    David A McKernan

    I’ve lived in Livonia since 1966. I’ve seen the population density increase dramatically in the intervening years. I believe the city could find a better use
    for this green space.


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