January 18, 2023 – City Council Meeting

Transparency, accountability and community engagement are essential in a democracy. Local government is important and City Council meetings provide insight into what’s happening in your community. Here is a summary of the January 18 Regular and Study Meetings of Livonia City Council.

Vice President Laura Toy was absent due to illness. Council President Jim Jolly was absent for the regular meeting due to a personal conflict.

Vote.Run.Serve does not summarize public comments. Many citizens came to address the demolition of the Alfred Nobel Library.

The consent agenda unanimously.

The Greenmead Master Plan passed unanimously. See the full plan here – (https://civicclerk.blob.core.windows.net/…/4012a72a…).

The proposed settlement related to Wheeler V. the City of Livonia as approved unanimously.

Council member Bahr’s motion to defund the Director of Governmental Affair’s position was sent to the Finance Committee on a vote of 4 – 1.

  • Ayes: Bahr, Donovic, Morgan, McIntyre
  • Nays: McCullough

The following was added to the next Council consent agenda:

  • Room rental rate increases for the Bennett Civic Center Library.
  • Topics related to the sidewalk repair program.

As always, the meeting agendas can be viewed on the city website here: https://livonia.gov/129/Agendas-Minutes. The meetings can be watched unedited on the city’s Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@LivoniaTV

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