Livonia Community Theatre Proposes Performing Arts Center For Livonia

The Livonia Community Theatre is hosting 3 performances of The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus in Livonia this week. You can enjoy the FREE performance (recommended for children ages 8 and up) at the Livonia Public Library on Tuesday (12/13) at 7pm and at the Senior Center at 7pm on Thursday (12/15) and Saturday (12/17) at 2pm.

You’ll notice that the Livonia Community Theatre is performing at multiple locations. Like many local art organizations, the LCT performs at various venues throughout the year because Livonia does not have a dedicated performing arts space. While the group has been able to use space at St Paul’s Presbyterian Church for several years, there are limitations to using space that is not dedicated for its use and, due to scheduling and staffing limitations, neither the Livonia Public Library nor the Livonia Public Schools’ auditoriums can accommodate the needs of these groups.

For that reason, multiple local art organizations are banding together to advocate for the creation of a Performing Arts Center In Livonia. Although in its early planning stages, suggested locations for this space include the currently vacant Eastside Mario’s, an extension to the proposed Senior Center design at the Livonia Parks and Recreation or inclusion in the plans for a new City Hall building.

Michelle Nixon is an active member of the Livonia Community Theatre and shared her passion for this issue: “The performing arts are something that connects everyone. I love the feeling of being lost in a show along with an audience full of strangers – I can’t help but be aware of the fact that we are enjoying the same show, but will take away something different based on our individual life experiences. At the end of the performance, the audience walks out together and goes back to their “real life”, but now we share this new commonality.”

During this holiday season you can consider gifting a donation to support the LCT fundraiser for a new Performing Arts Center, support a scholarship program for a student to participate in a production or gift a summer camp session to a child in your life.

Support and learn more about the Livonia Community Theatre by following their Facebook page. You can donate to their effort here:

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