Election Update

Livonia local and federal elections have been the subject of attention.

Recently, City Council vice president Toy made a motion to discuss the possibility of moving Livonia local elections from odd year to even years in order to save money. Voters approved the passage of Proposal 2 this November, which allows Michiganders 9 days of early in-person voting at their local clerk’s office. Livonia Clerk Susan Nash indicated election procedure changes induced by Proposal 2 could increase the cost of running elections by up to 50%.

This council motion came a mere 3 days after the Democratic National Committee voted to pull the Michigan Democratic presidential primary ahead by two weeks. The move moves Michigan to be the first among the sea of competitive midwestern states to hold their Democratic primary.

While Michigan has historically held the primaries of both major parties on the same day, the Republican National Committee will need to amend their primary calendar and associated rules in order to align the primaries.

At present, only one candidate have officially declared their candidacy for 2024.

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