December 14, 2022 – City Council Meeting

Transparency, accountability and community engagement are essential in a democracy. Local government is important and City Council meetings provide insight into what’s happening in your community. Here is a summary of the December 14th Regular Meeting.

Regular Meeting Agenda:…

The following was passed unanimously

◾️Consent Agenda

◾️ Expenditure requests by Engineering Division related to road maintenance

◾️ Easement Requests

Three items were assigned to the Committee of the Whole

◾️ Approval for a new car wash on Farmington Rd south of 8 Mile

◾️ Proposed salary adjustments for department heads

◾️ CLOSED meeting to discuss Frederick R. Wheeler and Marilyn Wheeler, et. al. v City of Livonia, Wayne County Circuit Court Case No. 15-009025-NZ

At the close of the meeting, Councilman Scott Bahr noted the Livonia Observer announced it will end its print publication. The City is required to provide public notice in print for certain actions. His motion to move this issue to the Committee of Law and Education was unanimously approved.

As always, Livonia council meetings can be viewed at the LivoniaTV Youtube Channel here –

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