December 5, 2022 – City Council Meeting

Regular Meeting


Councilwoman Laura Toy made a motion that the subject of moving local elections to fall on mid and general election years be sent to the Committee of the Whole. This was approved with a 5 to 2 vote (McCullough and McIntyre dissent).

The following was passed unanimously

▪️ Consent Agenda

▪️ Amendment to Livonia Code of Ordinances related to child abuse

▪️ Building extension for Plymouth Armory

▪️ Street lights to multiple new build communities

The Non-Discrimination Ordinance garnered a lot of public comment and statements from multiple councilmembers (Beginning at the 25 minute mark on the YT video – The ordinance did not pass.

▪️ Ayes: Jolly & McCullough

▪️ No: Bahr, Donovic, McIntyre, Morgan and Toy

Study meeting


The following was added to the December 14 consent agenda

▪️ Approved a 1 year extension with Livonia Connections Magazine printing partner

▪️ IT purchasing agreements

The following was added to the December 14 regular agenda

Request to build a carwash at Farmington and 8 Mile

As always, Livonia council meetings can be viewed at the LivoniaTV Youtube Channel here –

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