Election 2022

On Monday night, the Michigan Board of Canvassers unanimously approved Michigan’s 2022 election results. This followed the county level certification across the state, including Wayne County.

Livonia’s 2022 election results is noteworthy for several reasons. Despite a decline in population over the past several decades, Livonia has grown in registered voters – nearing 82 thousand. Livonia voters came out in mass too, nearing presidential-level participation. This year’s voter turnout coming close to the 2018 voter turnout percentage. Below is a representation of registered voter turnout in Livonia from the last 24 years of mid-term elections.

Finally, Livonia voters supported Gretchen Whitmer at a level not seen by past Democratic candidate for Governor in over 20 years. Below is an animation of the last twenty years of Livonia’s election results, where the darkness of blue and red respectively how strong the majority of Livonia voters supported the Democrat or Republican candidate for Governor that election year.

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