UPDATE: Michigan Public Services Commission DTE Decision

The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) has rejected the proposed residential rate increase by DTE of 9% – instead proposing a more modest increase of less than 1%. MPSC expects this will increase a typical residential customer by .71 cents per month.

The MPSC also rejected proposed changes to residential solar customers, which were strongly opposed by solar energy advocacy groups. These proposed changes would have added new monthly fees to residential solar customers and would reduce the price DTE purchases excess energy at (known as ‘outflow credits’).

In January of 2022, DTE Energy – Livonia’s sole energy provider – submitted the rate increase request. This rate increase request came after an approved two year pause in rate increases, and amongst a nation-wide surge in commodity prices.

Vote.Run.Serve- Livonia has previously covered this proposed rate increase, along with the rare public hearing held on August 22 at Wayne County Community College here:(https://www.facebook.com/vote.run.serve/posts/pfbid0jPopo3EgECMsXZUdCNYUfV23Z9bAM8LuCf4eGhs3FqUhgchwanDNMp6aTJh61EeKl).

Michigan laws prevent utilities from submitting more than one rate increase request per year. Spectators expect DTE to submit another rate increase request in January 2023.

Future rate increase requests will look different for the typical consumer, too. The MPSC directed DTE Electric to provide “overlay maps, charts, graphs and other visual and data displays” with future rate increase requests.

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