October 5, 2022 – City Council Meeting

Regular Meeting

All members of Council were present.

Consent Agenda passed

This meeting brought up issues related to 3 City Council Committees:

◼️ Public Safety & Health Committee: Following residents’ concern about increased deer population causing health and safety issues, a meeting will be scheduled to address this topic.

◼️ Senior Citizens, Families and Environment Committee: Councilwoman Toy provided an update on the August 1st meeting that addressed issues related to trash collection and increased opportunities for recycling and sustainability efforts. Find meeting minutes here: https://bit.ly/3ylHCsk

◼️ Capital Outlay and Infrastructure Committee: There is a meeting on Monday, October 10th to discuss Library improvements, Bell Creek erosion issues and matters of road construction communication.

Study meeting was not held.

As always, all Livonia city council meetings can be viewed here – https://www.youtube.com/user/LivoniaTV

You can find this meeting’s agenda with supporting documents and video, here – https://livoniami.civicclerk.com/web/Player.aspx?id=259…

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