September 7, 2022 – City Council Meeting

Regular Meeting

Council member Brandon McCullough was absent due to personal commitments.

Council Member McIntyre referred the topic of residential insecticide usage (mosquito spray) and its impact on pollinator health to Senior Citizens, Families and Environment. Experts will be invited to attend to comment.

● Consent Agenda passed

Livonia received an update on its lobbying efforts for federal funding to cover the new senior center, which can be found here:…/77c9e5d9…

● Meeting minutes from the Finance and Budget committee meeting on the topics of next year’s budget and city vehicles for certain city employees can be found here –…/19fcd2a1…

The following was passed unanimously

● Invocation of the emergency clause and the subsequent second reading of the proposed amendment to the stormwater management ordinance.

●Vacating an existing sanitary sewer easement at 19750 Haggerty Road

The following was passed with a majority vote

● Referring the topic of roof replacement to Carl Sandburg Library roof to the Infrastructure committee.

Ayes: Morgan, Donovic, McIntyre, Bahr

No: Jolly, Toy

Study meeting

The following was added to the next consent agenda:

● Block party request

● Request by Phamily Pharmacy at 29215 Plymouth Road to add a drive-up window

● Request by Lafontaine Hyundai of Livonia at 34801 Plymouth Road to redevelop the site

● Request to utilize a class C liquor license at Phoenix Theatres at 17310 Laurel Park Drive

● Request to redevelop Sunco Gas Station at 27417 Five Mile Road

● Request to approve compensation increase for library pages and student pages

● Purchase request

The following was added to the next regular meeting

●Request by BBS Distilleries, L.L.C., to extend operation hours and to include outdoor seating area.

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