August 22, 2022 – City Council Meeting

Councilwoman Kathleen McIntyre presided over the meeting because Councilman Jim Jolly had a scheduled absence and Councilwoman Laura Toy was out due to illness. Councilman Rob Donovic joined the meeting remotely, he is away on military duty and in accordance with state law he can participate remotely.

Councilman Brandon McCullough made a motion that the issue of the physical state of the libraries be moved to the Council’s Infrastructure and Capital Outlay Committee for review. This motion was approved.

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

Reminder, Vote.Run.Serve does not summarize public comments.

The following was approved was adopted unanimously:

☑️ The consent agenda

☑️ Ordinance amendment related to existing sanitary sewer easement

☑️ Flag ordinance limited flags at public buildings to government, military and public safety flags

☑️ Rezoning of areas along Middlebelt between Joy Rd and West Chicago from Rural Urban Farm to Local Business.

Related to the rezoned area, the Planning Commission denied Maple Real Estate Group’s planned development of a 24 dwelling apartment complex. That decision was appealed and approved by Council with one dissenting vote.

Councilwoman McIntyre spoke on this issue. She and Councilman Donovic joined representatives from the development group and residents in a conversation about the project. She noted that this proposal had been designed with community feedback in mind and that another developer looking to put a commercial strip mall up could do so without Council/community approval/oversight. Given that alternative, she suggested that residents were accepting of this project.

The Finance and Budget Committee and Public Hearing will be scheduled to go over next year’s annual budget. The Proposed date for the committee meeting is Wednesday, September 21st and the Public Hearing is Monday, October 3rd.

The Study Meeting session previews what you can expect to hear more about in future Regular Meetings.

The following items were accepted for the consent agenda:

☑️ Various block party requests

☑️ Replacement equipment for the police department purchased with budgeted funds

☑️ Approval to pay for emergency repairs from budgeted funds

☑️ Up to $75.000 from the Library’s unexpected funds balance may be used for architectural services related to replacing the glass roof at the Civic Center

Councilwoman McIntyre asked that the request for the use of budgeted funds to replace the roof at Sandburg Library be put on the regular meeting agenda.

The Engineering Department asked that Council fast track the acceptance of ordinances related to storm water management to keep the City in compliance with Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE).

Friendly reminder, you can watch Council Meetings on YouTube (both live and past meetings):

Regular Meeting:

Study Meeting:…

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