Greenleaf Commission

The Livonia Greenleaf Commission, first created in 2017, exists to promote efficiency, conservation and environmentally sustainable practices in the City of Livonia.

Their work was recently recognized by the Michigan Municipal League when Livonia was awarded a bronze award in the Michigan Green Communities challenge.

The Commission has 7 members (Betsy Calhoun, Nikki Mehelich, Jim Baringhaus, Katie Mullett, Terry Cullum, Mike Shesterkin, and John Grzebik) appointed by the Mayor and meets the second Wednesday of every other month at the Department of Public Works building (next meeting Sept 21) from 7:00pm to 9pm. The public can attend these meetings.

The Greenleaf Commission promotes sustainability through a variety of means.

They develop committee recommendations to the city’s administration on a variety of topics related to sustainability, including tree preservation, green infrastructure, and recycling.

Additionally, they organize sustainability themed community programing. Recently, they kicked off their Solarize Livonia events – attracting the attention of more than 30 neighbors. Neighbors were able to learn more about the benefits of residential solar and about the group buy discount.

Given the level of exceptional level of interest and recent action by the federal government to increase the solar tax rebate, Greenleaf will be organizing an additional event in the near future. Interested parties can sign up here to be included at the next Solarize Livonia event:…/1RPnWDPWQlaRYLicfGAUWWOe…/edit

Learn more about the Greenleaf Commission, or review the commission’s meeting minutes here:

As a reminder, commission applications are open to the public. Any one submit their application through the link below.…/Mayors…/Get-Involved-Livonia-110

Thank you to local artist Maddy VerVaecke for this incredible representation of some of Livonia’s Commissions.

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