Primary Election Results

Congratulations to all those who ran.

Vote.Run.Serve will provide a more in-depth analysis in the near future, but, for now, here are the candidates you will see on your ballot this November.

Democrat proceeds Republican in the listing below.


🟦 Gretchen Whitmer

πŸŸ₯ Tudor Dixon


Congressional – 12 district

🟦 Rashida Tlaib

πŸŸ₯ Steven Elliott


State House

District 16

🟦 Stephanie Young

πŸŸ₯ Keith Jones

District 17

🟦 Laurie Pohutsky

πŸŸ₯ Penny Crider

District 22

🟦 Matt Koleszar

πŸŸ₯ Cathryn Neracher


State Senate

District 5

🟦 Dayna Polehanki

πŸŸ₯ Emily Bauman

District 6

🟦 Mary Cavanagh

πŸŸ₯ Ken Crider


Wayne County Executive

🟦 Warren Evans

πŸŸ₯ Mark Ashley Price


Wayne County Sheriff

🟦 Raphael Washington



The two millage propositions – Wayne County Jail and Livonia Road – also passed

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