Arts Commission

Livonia has 26 commissions on topics ranging from sustainability to the economic development of Plymouth Road. VRS will spotlight the activities and opportunities for engagement with each of these commissions. Today we’re looking at the Livonia Arts Commission.

The Livonia Arts Commission exists to create, promote, develop, sponsor, sustain, facilitate, and further the Arts within the City of Livonia. The Commission has up to 15 members appointed by the Mayor and meets on the 4th Monday of each month at the Kirksey Recreation Center (next meeting July 25th) from 6:30pm to 9pm. The public can attend these meetings.

A couple of the Arts Commission’s largest sponsored programs are taking place now. The FREE Summer concerts at the Livonia Parks and Recreation Center are sponsored by the Arts Commission.

Summer Fun Series Children’s Concerts: Tuesdays @ 6:30pm thru Aug. 16th

Music From the Heart Concerts: Thursdays @ 7pm thru Sept. 1st

Find works of local artists displayed in the Arts Commission’s Public Gallery located on the 2nd Floor in the Livonia Public Library or on the ground floor of City Hall. Artists interested in displaying their work can contact the Arts Commission directly.

Livonia resident college students studying in the field of Fine Arts are eligible for a Arts Commission Scholarship for up to $2,000. Learn more here:…/Arts-Commission-Scholarship…

Other Arts Commissions projects/accomplishments include: Musical instrument installations at Rotary Park, Inside/Out partnership with the DIA in 2021, and children arts programs.

Learn more about the Arts Commission:

The Arts Commission currently has no opening; however, if you would like to express interest for future consideration, you can contact the Mayor’s office here:…/Mayors…/Get-Involved-Livonia-110

Thank you to local artist Maddy VerVaecke for this incredible representation of some of Livonia’s Commissions.

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