Meet The VRS Team

Vote.Run.Serve-Livonia is committed to transparency, accountability and community engagement. For that reason, we wanted to share the names and faces of the people behind the posts you see on this page.

We are all volunteers and this page is not funded in any way.

Carrie Budzinski founded Vote.Run.Serve in 2020 in order to make information about government more accessible to busy people. Democracy depends on informed and engaged citizens and she hopes the platform will inspire fellow Livonians to get involved by voting, running for office or participating in community events. She is a married, working mom that runs the daily operations for LittleGuide Detroit. She also serves as the Board Chair of the Library Commission and ran for City Council in 2021.

Brian Weiss is the co-founder of Vote.Run.Serve-Livonia. He’s a data scientist at Ford Credit during the day, and maintains an organic farming to keep him grounded. Brian is an active resident who is responsible for the Livonia Public Library’s new Seed Library program and is a lead coordinator for the Solarize Livonia effort that is associated with the Greenleaf Commission.

Michael Testa joined the Vote.Run.Serve-Livonia team in January 2022. He is our correspondent for Livonia Public Schools and covers the School Board Meetings. He is from Grosse Pointe Woods originally, a graduated from Michigan State, a Mechanical Engineer by trade, and has lived in Livonia for over 20 years. He is married with 4 kids that attend Livonia Public Schools. Mike is an advocate for public schools and has a passion for STEM. He is a PTA Member and serves on the MI PTA Advocacy Committee and the Livonia PTSA Council. Mike also serves on the Livonia Zoning Board of Appeals.

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