July 11th – City Council Meeting

The Consent agenda and meeting minutes from past meeting was approved.

The annual audit of city’s housing department for fiscal year 2021 (ending November 30, 2021) was completed. A summary can be found here: https://civicclerk.blob.core.windows.net/…/390ee5d4…

The following passed with a majority vote:

  • Motion by council member Bahr directing the law department to draft an ordinance on flag raising procedure on official city owned property.
    • Ayes: Morgan, Donovic, Bahr, McIntyre
    • Nays: McCullough, Toy, Jolly
  • Amending the financial threshold policy ordinance, increasing the amount threshold an expenditure must be meet before having to seek council approval.
    • Ayes: Morgan, McCullough, Toy, Donovic, Jolly
    • Nays: Bahr, McIntyre

The following motions failed with a majority vote:

  • Motion by council member McCullough to refer the topic of human rights and non-discrimination language to committee of the whole.
    • Ayes: McCullough, Toy, Jolly
    • Nays: Morgan, Donovic, Bahr, McIntyre

The following was adopted unanimously:

  • Various block party requests
  • Purchase of two tax foreclosed properties (19500 Farmington and 32400 Hathaway)

The Study Meeting session previews what you can expect to hear more about in future Regular Meetings.

The following were approved for the next consent agenda:

  • Various block party request
  • Appropriations request by
  • Various purchase requests
  • Release of bond for Mystic Creek Condo
  • Various storm water facilities maintenance agreements
  • Increase in court costs assessed for misdemeanors and civil infractions.

The following were approved for the next regular agenda

  • Request for additional appropriations for emergency sewer repair
  • Award of bid to replace the Wilson Barn roof

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