6/6 LPS Board of Education Committee of the Whole Meeting

Video: https://youtu.be/sfuQ75RPjks

Audience Communications:

There was 1 comment regarding the District Annual Report and ideas to benefit math students.

Public At 48 End-of-the-Year Goals:

Theresa O’Brien (Chief Academic Officer) reviewed and discussed in detail the goals and results for each school.

Textbook Purchases:

Theresa O’Brien reviewed the recommendation to purchase Pear Deck subscription (Google Extension

Platform) and textbooks for Math (grades 5-8), PreCalculus, Economics, AP U.S. History, Spanish 3. Approval for these will be voted on at the 6/13 Meeting.

Budget Update:

Alison Smith (Director of Finance) reviewed the proposed final budget amendment for 2020/21. Overall, the changes (vs. the original budget) were positive. At the end of last year, the fund balance was 21.1%. The original budget for this year would have resulted in an end year fund balance of 15.3%; the final budget amendment will result in a fund balance 19.8%. They also reviewed the budget proposal and assumptions for 2022/23 and the proposed Millage Rates that will be shared at a public hearing on 6/13. Approval for the 2021/22 budget amendment and 2022/23 budget will be voted on at the 6/13 Meeting.

Approval of 2022-23 Lease Renewals:

Phil Francis (Ast. Superintendent for District Services) reviewed the proposed lease renewals for Himawari Preschool at Niji-Iro, Little Tots at Cass, Learning Tree at Marshall, and Garfield Cooperative Preschool at Marshall. Approval for these will be voted on at the 6/13 Meeting.

Approval of LCTC/Robotics Bid Results (2021 Bond):

Phil Francis and a representative from Plante Moran Cresa reviewed the quotes and recommendations for the Livonia Career Technical Center Renovation and the Robotics Addition. Approval for this bid package will be voted on at the 6/13 Meeting.

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