May 2nd – City Council Meeting

Laura Toy was absent during tonight’s meeting.

Regular meeting

Consent agenda passed.

Proposed amendment to revise the revised retirement plan for Livonia police and fire. First reading given by McIntyre.

The following passed unanimously

  • Job description and wage increases for certain temporary Parks and Recreation staff
  • Various petition requests submitted by businesses
  • Acceptance of grant of easement from Madonna University for sanitary system

The following passed through majority vote

  • Request to operate a truck and trailer business at 29150 Seven Mile Road with two parking spaces in front
    • Ayes: Morgan, McIntyre, Donovic, Jolly, Mccullough
    • Nays: Bahr
  • Request to increase user fees at the Jack E. Kirksey Recreation Center
    • Ayes: Bahr, Donovic, Jolly, Mccullough
    • Nays: Morgan, McIntyre

Study meeting

Upcoming car show at Anastasia and Katie’s Coffee Shop next Saturday, May 14 from 10 am – 2 PM. Participants can register their cars at

The following is added to the May 16 consent agenda:

  • Appointment of Jeremy Curtis to Plymouth Road Development Authority
  • Various requests to barricade city streets and wave noise ordinances
  • Waver petition to operate a truck and trailer rental at 28900 Schoolcraft Road
  • Various bid requests
  • Request to amend engineering services contract with OHM for Bell Creek Stabilization study

The following is added to the May 16 regular agenda

  • Request by Shake Shack to waive noise ordinance as part of a weekly car show
  • Request by Shake Shack to sell packaged beer/wine to go
  • Bid requests to replace Parks and Recreation equipment

What sticks out to you?

Friendly reminder, you can watch Council Meetings on YouTube (both live and past meetings):

Find links to complete agendas for both meetings below

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