Arbor Day – The Best Trees To Grow In Livonia

Yesterday was Arbor Day and one of the easiest ways we can help the planet is to plant trees. If you would like to plant a tree in your yard, Greenleaf Commissioner Nikki Mehelich identified native trees to Michigan. It is best to plant these trees because they grow easier and require less water than non-native trees. Details about each tree is included with every picture to help you find the best tree for you! 🌳

Small Trees (less than 25ft): Serviceberry, Eastern Redbud, Hawthorn Species, + Flowering Crabapple

Medium Trees (25ft to 40ft): American Hornbeam + American Hophornbeam

Large Trees (greater than 40ft): Hackberry, Kentucky Coffeetree, Sweetgum, Tuliptree, Tupelo or Black Gum, Swamp White Oak + Bur Oak

Here’s more information on trees in Livonia:

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