4/18 LPS Board of Education Committee of the Whole Meeting

Video: https://youtu.be/ulzjl7fTAQw

Audience Communications: There were no public comments.

Technology Contractor – 2021 Bond: Phil Francis (Ast. Superintendent for District Services) reviewed the recommendation for Digital Age Technologies, Inc. (DAT) to be selected as the technology contractor for Phase 1 Bond projects at Coolidge, Kennedy, Randolph, Cooper and Emerson School in the summer of 2022. Most of the technology work will be done in the LMC renovations – the scope includes providing voice, audio/video, and data systems.

Food Service Grant Purchase: Phil Francis reviewed the proposed purchase of nine heated holding cabinets for Churchill, Cleveland, Coolidge, Garfield, Grant, Roosevelt, Rosedale, Stevenson, and Webster. Based on the bids, the recommendation is to purchase from Stafford-Smith and includes a $3,600.00 deduction for Energy Star rebates. Most of the funds for this purchase will come from the competitively awarded National School Lunch Program Equipment Assistance Grant.

Gymnasium Lighting Replacement & Garfield Electrical Service Upgrade: Phil Francis reviewed the proposal to replace the Gym lighting at Cooper, Johnson, Riley, Emerson, Frost, and Holmes – replacements will be LED lighting. This project also includes electrical upgrades at Garfield to support the new greenhouse and air conditioning projects.

German III, IV, V Textbooks: Theresa O’Brien (Chief Academic Officer) reviewed the recommendation from the Curriculum Committee to purchase German textbooks and supplemental resources for levels III, IV and V.

Middle School ELA Textbooks: Theresa O’Brien (Chief Academic Officer) and Christine Fankell (ELA and Social Studies Coordinator) reviewed the recommendation from the Curriculum Committee to purchase textbooks.

LCTC Grant Purchases: Dan Willenborg (Director of Secondary Programs and District Service) reviewed the request to purchase a Dump Trailer and a SprayWorks Insulation System & Trailer for use in the Construction Trades for use in the Construction Trades classes. The purchase of a Anatomage 3D Dissection Table for use in the Health Science classes was also reviewed. These items will be purchased with Grant funds that were awarded.

Board Policy Updates: The proposed updates to FDB – Long-Range Needs Determination, FDC – Naming New Facilities, and KBB – School-Sponsored Information, were reviewed.

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