Livonia State of the City 2022

At the Livonia Chamber of Commerce sponsored State of the City address, Livonia Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan provided an overview of accomplishments from the past year and introduced her priorities for the year ahead.

First Responders were spotlighted for their work helping vaccinate Livonians during the pandemic. Together Livonia Cares vaccinated 1 out of every 5 Livonians at the Senior Center and Wayne County continues to host a clinic from the building.

The mental health impact of the pandemic, particularly among seniors, received attention. It was noted that in the first 7 months of adding a social worker to the Livonia Police Department, the social worker received 250 referrals from the LPD and connected 113 people to service providers.

The Livonia Public Library‘s One City One Book program will center on mental health and mindfulness. The book selection is the novel Anxious People by Fredrik Backman.

In the face of a pandemic, staffing shortages, and additional responsibilities, Livonia’s police department was reaccredited, only one of 14 departments in the state to achieve this last year.

The Livonia Fire & Rescue is fully staffed and has cut response time by 5 second.

The Livonia Police Department hired 31 new employees in the last year and expects to be fully staffed next year. The new benefit package and 12 hour work days are credited with making the LPD more competitive.

1 million square feet of commercial/healthcare/multi-family housing is under construction in Livonia and over 100 single family homes will be built.

The new Livonia app was introduced to give residents an easy way to report potholes, water issues and missed trash collection.

The Roads Millage is up for renewal and over the last 9 years the mileage has resulted in 74 miles of road improvements.

Project Catalyst reimagines the Farmington & 5 Mile corner (current site of senior center, former court house, office building and Sam’s Place) as a multi-use district that would provide housing for 1,200 new residents. This plan includes a new Senior Center located at the Recreation Center that is estimated to cost $25M.

The Mayor’s office wants to know how residents feel about the city and is introducing the

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