March 14th – City Council Meeting

Consent agenda passed.

The following were given first reading: Rezoning of different slices of Schoolcraft’s main campus.

The following was passed unanimously.

  • Two rezoning requests: One at Schoolcraft Main campus and one at 9120 Middlebelt Road.
  • Award of lobbying contract with Capitol Relations for lobbying Wayne County for American Rescue Plan dollars.
  • Approval to accept grant from Michigan Economic Development Corporation for Bell Creek streambank stabilization

A study meeting previews everything you will hear in future meetings.

The following was added to next consent agenda:

  • Fund transfer from departments with surplus to departments with budget shortfall.
  • Various purchase requests
  • Budget request for Livonia Community Transit Program and the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program
  • Suspension of lease payments for Eddie Edgar for 12 months
  • Parks and Rec master plan for 2022 – 2026.
  • Bond schedule for Hines Place Site Condominium

The following was added to the next regular agenda:

  • Noise ordnance waving
  • Waver to enable demolishment of Doughboy Doughnuts for Lafontaine Hyundai of Livonia.

Friendly reminder, you can watch Council Meetings on YouTube (both live and past meetings):

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