Livonia Commissions

Do you know about Livonia’s commissions? Our attention is drawn towards the election, statements, and actions of elected officials in Livonia. Commissions, while substantially less visible than elected officials, also play an important role in the management of Livonia’s affairs.

In total, Livonia has 26 commissions on topics ranging from sustainability to the economic development of Plymouth Road (see the following link for full list of commissions here: Non-elected commissioners are paid positions appointed and subsequently reappointed to fixed-length terms by the mayor.

Some commissions play important roles in enacting critical policies, such as setting certain usage fees (overseen by the Parks and Recreation Commission). Other commissions are responsible for organizing cherished annual events, such as the annual Music From the Heart series (organized by Arts Commission). Certain commissions provide administrative oversight over certain city functions (such as Livonia’s libraries, which is overseen by the Library Commission). Finally, others serve the role as advocates for important demographics, such as youth and elderly populations of Livonia.

Meetings of all commissions are open to the public. Commissions are often very open to recommendations. As a result of public attention stemming from the removal of trees from the Castle Gardens neighborhood in 2021, citizen initiative led to a reinvigoration of the Tree Commission to draft a tree protection ordinance.

Livonia’s public calendar provides the full listing of commission meetings (

If you’re interested in serving on a specific commission, you can submit your details here:…/Mayors…/Get-Involved-Livonia-110

Vote Run Serve remain committed to following commission meetings, and providing summaries of important highlights as part of our ongoing service to the community.

Thank you to Maddy VerVaecke for this absolutely incredible representation of some of Livonia’s Commissions.

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