October 18, 2021 – City Council Meeting

General Meeting

There will be a Citizens Road Advisory Committee Meeting at DPW on Wednesday, October 27th. If you have road repair recommendations, this is your opportunity to make suggestions: https://www.livonia.gov/Calendar.aspx?EID=1623&month=10&year=2021&day=27&calType=0

Reminder: I do not summarize public comments because they can be of personal nature and I want to be consistent/clear with summaries. I do think they are informative and worth watching when you are able. 

The consent agenda was approved.

The City Budget was approved. 

▪️ Here is a link to the budget: https://livoniami.civicclerk.com/Web/UserControls/pdf/web/DocPDFWrapper.aspx?ad=2501

▪️ Here is a link to my summary of my experience at the Public Hearing of the Budget: https://www.facebook.com/CarrieBudzinskiLivonia/posts/213354434224424

An official first reading was given for a rezoning amendment to the Vision21 Zoning Ordinance for the property at 34801 Plymouth Road, located on the south side of Plymouth Road between Stark and Wayne Roads.

Council voted against a petition for a gas station at 37405 Ann Arbor Road.

The Study Meeting session previews what you can expect to hear more about in future Regular Meetings. 

A resident is interested in buying property behind his house that is currently owned by the city and zoned as a public park (29660 Gaylord Court). This is a complex process that would include rezoning and a public auction of land. It will be sent to Parks & Rec for feedback before returning to Council for further review. [Note: a couple councilmembers stated they were unlikely to support this proposal]

Ken Harb and Dillon Breen were reappointed to the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority. You can learn more about the LBRA here: https://livonia.gov/385/Brownfield-Redevelopment-Authority

Public works contracts were extended with Havener Tech for as-needed repairs and Mid-Michigan Recycling. 

🌲The Mid-Michigan Recycling Center collects wood waste from Livonia residents free of charge, learn more here:https://livonia.gov/1447/Wood-Waste-Disposal-Site

Payment was approved for D&D Water and Sewer for additional work done on the Cavell Street water main.

Citizens Bank on 6 Mile between Levan and Newburgh is undergoing an exterior remodel that requires approval from Council and AT&T is upgrading equipment on a tower. 

What stands out to you from tonight’s meetings?

Friendly reminder, you can watch Council Meetings on YouTube (both live and past meetings): https://www.youtube.com/user/LivoniaTV/featured

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