August 23, 2021 – City Council Meeting

General Meeting

The consent agenda was approved.

$2,000 raised by the Chamber of Commerce from the LoveLivonia Concert event was donated to the Department and Parks and Recreation to support the youth scholarship program.

The Parks and Recreation Commission requested authority to set fees and charges for activities autonomously but with regular updates to City Council. This would not include Rec Center membership rates. The issue regarding ‘the grid’ for rate rental by entity was discussed at length and will remain under the authority of Council. The resolution authorizing the commission to set rates can be rescinded by Council if needed.

An overview of the Finance and Budget Committee Meeting (Aug. 11th) was shared and included the following highlights:

  • One additional code enforcement officer 
  • The Rec Center is facing a deficit due to COVID
  •  $8.9M will come to Livonia from the the federal government (I believe this is the CARES Act). Half is for 2021; the other half will be received next year.
  • Bike/Walk Livonia has received over a million dollars in funding
  • Plans for Noble Library are being evaluated by the Mayor’s office

The next Finance and Budget Committee meeting is Wednesday, September 22nd and there will be a public hearing to review the City Budget TBD.

The Vision 21 Zoning Ordinance was passed and will go into effect once it’s published in the Observer. Read more about Vision21 here:

SuperNatural Brewing and Spirits is hosting a Wildwood Sourfest on Saturday and Oktoberfest on September 25th.

The proposed pay increase (first in 14 years) was approved for substitute librarians.

A water main replacement will be done at Seven Mile (between Meadowridge Drive and Inkster Road). There have been 5 water main breaks in recent years, including this year. The project will cost $568,050 but will come from contingent and budgeted funds. 

The Study Meeting session previews what you can expect to hear more about in future Regular Meetings. 

Accepted for the consent agenda:

  • A block party + Homecoming Caravan for Madonna University
  • Approval of the annual plan and budget for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. This includes home repair loans, mental health counseling, a partnership with Parks and Recreation to make pathways ADA accessible, homebuying assistance and more. Learn more about CDBG here:…/Community-Development-Block-Grant…
  • Purchase of a new cargo van for city maintenance projects.

Items for further discussion:

The Bungalow at Greenmead needs a new shingle roof that will cost $24,000 for a 10 year warranty. The building currently has leak issues and the current roof is 15 years old. Multiple councilpersons expressed a preference for a standard roof in lieu of shingles for a longer warranty. This is not approved by the Historic Preservation Commission and their decision cannot be overruled by council. A Master Plan for Greenmead is in the works and is expected to be shared with the public before years end. There is interest in delaying this repair to see if an alternative can be agreed upon. 

An increase in meter deposit fees for private use will be increased from $100 to $800

In light of the increase price of supplies and labor, DPW requested a 1 year extension of its contract with D’Angelo Brother, Inc. This company has had a multi-year contract with the city that has not gone out to bid but the plan is to issue a RPF next year.

Friendly reminder, you can watch Council Meetings on YouTube (both live and past meetings):

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