June 28, 2021 – City Council Meeting

General Meeting

Consent agenda was approved. 

The petitioner for the Space Shop Self Storage development at 31100 Plymouth Road by Merriman was present to advocate for the project but it was not approved by Council. 

Councilwoman Toy City Council provided an overview of the Public Safety, Health & Environment Committee Meeting on the subject matter of urban environment concerns to the Public Safety, Health and Environment Committee. [Author’s note: I attended that meeting]. Highlights included grant opportunities to expand recycling services and public education. Learn more:  

The Hot Wheels Legend Tour is coming to Livonia August 7th at the parking lot of Wal-Mart on Plymouth Rd. 

Housing Department Director, Brandie Isaacson, spoke about funding contracts. $100,000 from Wayne County for home improvement loans and down payment assistance. The other item was approving funding to Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) from the CARES Act. The first phase of funding was for 25 business grants and COVID testing. These funds are for 10 additional business grants and mental health services for seniors (at City operated and private independent senior living places). Learn more: https://www.livonia.gov/295/Housing

Amendments to the Code and Zoning ordinance for a new drive-thru restaurant at 7 Mile and Middlebelt was approved. There will be a mural on the building designed by a LTU student, the Council will approve the design in the future.

The proposed increase of water & sewage rates was approved and will be enacted for July. This is a standard increase that is revenue neutral for the city. 

A resolution was presented to oppose Michigan Senate Bill 446 and Michigan House Bill 4722 that would impose state regulation on local short-term rental properties. 

Temporary outdoor dining for restaurants was extended to September 30th.

The Study Meeting session previews what you can expect to hear more about in future Regular Meetings.

The weekend storms were discussed and Livonia fared well. There were 10 complaints recorded and 4 households likely to file claims for sewage backup that was the result of grease and was cleaned up.

The purchase of multiple city items was put on the consent agenda including 44 new laptops to be used at polling locations for Election Day. Contact agreements for tree removal and electrical work improvements were also approved.

Payment to Wayne County for Merriman (between Plymouth and Joy) road repair was approved. Livonia paid $98,167 which was 9.075% of the total cost.

Look for a 2nd Community Financial Credit Union location in Livonia at the Mid 5 complex (Middlebelt and 5 Mile) south of the Mobile gas station.

Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA): During opening remarks of the Regular Meeting, Councilman McCullough proposed the process of Council appointments to the Zoning Board of Appeals be brought to the Committee of the Whole and it was approved. [Interesting fact: Other Commission appointments are made by the Mayor, the ZBA is appointed by each member of Council for a 3 year term]. https://www.livonia.gov/291/Zoning-Board-of-Appeals

  • Councilwoman White offered the appointment of Scott Morgan (City Council candidate)
  •  Councilwoman Toy offered the reappointment of Jim Baringhaus
  •  Councilman Donovic offered the reappointment of Gregory Coppola

Friendly reminder, you can watch Council Meetings on YouTube (both live and past meetings): https://www.youtube.com/user/LivoniaTV/featured

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