June 14, 2021 – City Council Meeting

General Meeting

I tuned into the Regular City Council Meeting and Study Meeting, here are the highlights:

There is a City Council Public Safety, Health & Environment Committee Meeting tomorrow at 7pm on the subject matter of urban environment concerns to the Public Safety, Health and Environment Committee. [Author’s note: I will be attending]

Residents from Castle Gardens spoke about the on-going issue of tree removal and their desire for a tree ordinance that involves residents, the Public Safety, Health & Environment Committee and an expert consultant.

There was also resident concern about the state of Noble Library.

Consent agenda was approved. The first reading for a proposed increase of water & sewage rates was read and likely to be in place for the July 1st billing cycle. This is a standard increase that is revenue neutral for the city.

Mark your calendar for 2 celebrations: 

  • The Music Firm is hosting a grand opening on Saturday, June 26th with live music and free refreshments.   
  • Julius Barber Shop will host a 75 year anniversary party and celebration of the life of Barber Al on Saturday July 24th.

A development proposal to rezone a professional building into an apartment building at 28200 W. 7 Mile was discussed. Residents strongly opposed this proposal because of the lot size and traffic congestion in the area. The rezoning request was denied by a 6 to 1 vote. 

The Study Meeting session previews what you can expect to hear more about in future Regular Meetings. 

More events to look forward to:

  • The Chamber of Commerce is planning to host a Love Livonia Party at Ford Field on Friday, July 30th. Ages 21+, $10 tickets will go on sale soon
  • Sports Locker Bar + Grill will host a music festival August 6th-8th
  • Highland Games return to Greenmead August 6th & 7th
  • Hot Wheels Legends Tour at Walmart on Saturday, August 7th (not on consent agenda)

Expect to hear from the Housing Commission at the next regular meeting to learn more about funding for the homebuyer assistance program and the allotment/allocation of CARES Act funds.

Compensation increases for Police Chief, Deputy Police Chief and Director of Emergency Preparedness were put on the consent agenda.

Two development items: 

  1. Changes to the site plan for Plymouth + Middlebelt where the Chick-fil-A  will be built
  2. New free standing drive-thru building on Middlebelt south of 7 Mile between the Boston Market and Wendy’s.

What stands out to you from tonight’s meetings? 

I think the rezoning issue is interesting and important. This specific case presented as an easy decision for Council but as the demand for professional building space changes, it can be expected that this will become a recurring issue. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you would like to see business development happen in Livonia.

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